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Product Information: Cartridge: 6.5 PRC Bullet Style: Polymer Tipped Boat Tail Bullet Weight: 147gr Muzzle Velocity: 2910 Part Number: 81620 Quantity: 20 *Shipping on ammunition will be UPS Ground 6.5 PRC & 6.5x06 are nearly identical. My 6.5x06 with 53 grs of IMR 4350 will drive the Barnes 120gr TSX out of my 24" Bbl at 3277 fps. I'm using a 1/8 twist & delivers out standing accuracy. This bullet has proven to be totally dependable for complete penetration on elk. If NoNpDrm plugin is not properly loaded, user will be notified, which should limit user caused issues. Reworked diagnostics to properly detect reF00D plugin and added support for 0syscall6. Refined HTTPS related error message to inform user to use iTLS-Enso to fix HTTPS related issues.Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply has ammo and reloading supplies for sale at cheap prices. Find out why we're the best deal on the web today! Load Development Starting Point. I took a look at what burn rate would work for 6.5 PRC, and noticed powders like H-1000 and Retumbo seemed like a Fortunately, Western Powders has released 6.5 PRC Load Data that covers both Ramshot Magnum and Accurate Magpro. I used this load data as a...2 days ago · I’m considering a Bergara Wilderness Ridge in 6.5 PRC. Does anyone have a Bergara 6.5 PRC and can you tell me the max length loaded round it will handle? I’m not sure what action length they use. Many thanks A traditional M1A, loaded with all the features you want to take your rifle to the next level. .308WIN 6.5CREED. MSRP $1,847 - $2,045. Loaded with features from top to bottom, the XD-S Mod.2 is a slim single stack pistol perfect for concealed carry. 9MM. MSRP $425 - $549.Product instructions and reloading data for product 6.5 PRC PaceSetter Reloading Die Set (Code = 90662). Copyright © 1958-2020 Lee Precision. Load-Master Reloading Press (Category).Jan 27, 2020 · 6.5 PRC, 130 grain load data Anyone here have any load data for the 6.5 PRC with 130 grain pills? I plan to shoot the Sierra tipped game king or the Berger 130 grain OTM bullet. I'm trying to load data from data frame objects of all .RData files in a specified directory into a single data table. This is how I've tried to do this You can load multiple .RData files and they add to the current workspace. Just load them all then merge or rbind the data.frames once they are in your...Nov 15, 2020 · 6.5 PRC New Loads Sierra 150 gr Match King and 140 gr. Game King Since the 6.5 mm Hornady ELD Match and ELD-X bullets are in short supply. I've been working up some alternative loads for the Ruger M77 Long Range Target. Get the best ammunition for your top rated gun when you target shoot or go hunting with the Hornady Match 6.5 PRC 147 grain available at GrabAGun. Reaching a velocity of 2910 fps with an extremely low drag match bullet type, this round will hit each target you aim at with unmatched precision. Purchase a box of Hornady Match 6.5 PRC 147 grain from GrabAGun before you buy guns online! We are more than happy to discuss bullet performance relating to our 6.5 PRC ammunition, and bullet selection for your rifle. Please call us at (240) 347-4883 and we will be happy to speak with you! Must Be 18 years of age to order! Ammunition ships only via UPS or FedEx Ground. No Air Shipments Allowed! Cartridge Cases At Hornady, brass is the foundation for what could be the most memorable shot of your lifetime. Extra time and care is taken in the creation of our cases, producing smaller lots that meet strict quality standards. The 6.5 PRC is about 250 feet-per-second faster than the 6.5 Creedmoor. With the high ballistic coefficients of modern hunting bullets that increases downrange energy by quite a bit. The following chart compares drop, energy, and wind drift at 500 yards, for the 6.5 PRC 143 ELD-X, 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELD-X, and the 270 WSM 145 ELD-X, based on a ... Feb 05, 2018 · New Official Load Data for Latest High-BC Sierra MatchKings. In recent months, Sierra has unveiled four very serious, ultra-high-BC MatchKing bullets in .224, .264 (6.5 mm), and .308 calibers. And just last week Sierra has released initial load data for these four new projectiles. Red River Reloading - A-ZOOM METAL SNAP CAP 6.5 PRC 2-PACK What they're saying… “I was one of the lucky people selected to test the RL50 powder earlier this year. I was not very enthused that someone could produce a powder that would shoot better in the .50 BMG than the VhitiVouri 20N29. January 17, 2020 Gavin 6.5 PRC, Reloading Blog 300 PRC, 6.5 PRC, Action Blueprinting, Benchmark Barrels, Carbon Fiber Barrel, Chambering a Barrel, Dave Manson, Hells Canyon Carbon Fiber, Metal Lathe, Milling Machine, Muzzle Threading, Pierce Engineering Titanium Action, Precision Matthews PM-1440GT, Precision Matthews PM-949TV, Redsnake ...

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6.5 PRC ADG Brass. Comes in 50 count flip top hard plastic box. ADG manufactured brass is optimized not only for consistency in performance, but also for durability. One of the ways we accomplished this is by optimizing the material in specific areas to strengthen it. With the optimized material geometry, our brass will generally … CHEAP PRICES Hornady 6 5 Prc Ar 10 And Hornady 6 5 Rem Mag Load Data, REVIEW AND GET LOW PRICES NOW. Load Data 6.5 PRC. Powder charge 45-58 grain depending on the weight of projectile and powder. Utilizes magnum cartridge powders. Reloader 26; h1000; N-560; Cost to reload is rated at medium because the brass is harder to find. 6.5 PRC Barrel Life. Barrel life for the Hornady 6.5 PRC is on the shorter side. It is shoving a lot of powder through ... Manufacturer Loading Data. Cartrige Powder Recommendations. Bullet Abbreviations. 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) - Manufacturer Loading Data.6.5 PRC Rifles Despite being considered as a short-action cartridge on paper, gun makers consider 6.5 PRC as a medium-to-long-action cartridge. 6.5 PRC (magnum-version of its predecessor 6.5 Creedmoor) is known for its versatility as it can be used for a wide array of applications, right from deer harvesting, big game hunting to long-range ... We are more than happy to discuss bullet performance relating to our 6.5 PRC ammunition, and bullet selection for your rifle. Please call us at (240) 347-4883 and we will be happy to speak with you! Must Be 18 years of age to order! Ammunition ships only via UPS or FedEx Ground. No Air Shipments Allowed! 6.5 PRC Load Development: Bergara Wilderness HMR. gavintoobe. Jeremiah discusses the Montana Rifle Company X3 rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. Then he takes the rifle to the range to test various ......do the PRC4 FULL LOAD History: This is a type of Business transaction for which we do full loads on specific work days We will perform on WD 4, 5, 6, 7 and 13 Cube: GLRCC001 DSO: GWFDPC01 Data Source Procedure for doing the PRC4 full load: Step1: Go to RSA1 transaction in the BW system.Apr 10, 2018 · The 6.5 PRC occupies a niche where it is the only 6.5 caliber with quality factory offerings in a short action that reaches the 3,000 FPS muzzle velocity range. It complements the 6.5 Creedmoor very well with a 200+ FPS increase for long range hunting and extended range precision rifle shooting. The #1 source for all of your shooting & reloading supply needs including brass, bullets, jackets, primers, and smokeless powder. ... Hornady Brass - 6.5 PRC (50) 86288.