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Here's a link to a great website - Bob is the Oil Guy they have a forum just like this one you can ask question on about any kind of oil you may want to discuss. Sargent Friday, "just the facts mam." Black 2018 Laramie 3500, MC, DRW, 4WD, H.O. Cummins, Aisin, 3:73 gears. Bob the oil guy is not an Amsoil dealer. He was a Schaeffer rep (he had some health problems and I am not sure he is still activey selling lubes). He no longer owns the BITOG site because of his heath problems but the last time I looked he still posted there. Nov 06, 2006 · As for engine oil, see Bob Is The Oil Guy (BITOG) for a wider opinion of oils. Amsoil is good, though there are alternatives depending on your use/engine. jimangle Formula 3 Nov 5, 2003 Feb 27, 2004 · Comon guy's anyone with any knowledge of oils knows that synthetics are superior to petrol oil. The film strength and all the other properties are just better..alot better. So if you don't want to use it don't. I don't cause I've never had an oil related failure in a million miles of driving. Bob The Oil Guy Oil Test Jun 11, 2010 · After reading a huge amount of oil threads I went with Amsoil 0w-30 for my stage 2 sti. This car is a daily driver and is tuned with an off the shelf map from Perrin via Cobb AP. When I bought 6pt of Amsoil to start the guy relentlessly tried to make me a reseller. So what’s that leave us with? No automotive/diesel oil, no racing oil, and stick with 5/10w-50. Polaris, amsoil or blend Maxima. In a Amsoil “test”, I know wright? They tested the maxima, it was right there the whole time. With Amsoil and Mobil. On one test it was down in the 8th spot IIRC, but other then that top 5. I drained the oil filter into a separate clear pan, let it sit, saw no milky oil, water separation, or So to clarify, the last oil change, was the first one that you did. And that was with Amsoil OE? Posted this question on Bob is the oil guy so about seven responses says it's condensation caused by what you...Bob Is The Oil Guy (BITOG) began in May 2002 with a handful of participants and now our oil forums have over 22,000 ... Welcome to! ... (1) 1 product ratings - Amsoil Metric 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil One Quart 946mL Dec 18, 2010 · If you want a price on the cost for an oil change delivered to your door for the 0w-30 Signature Series, 5w-30 ASL 25k mile oil, the XL 5w-30 which is good up to 10k miles or the new O.E. 5w-30 oil which is good for what ever oil change interval your OLM shows, just PM me your address and I can get a quote right out to you. If using AMSOIL, either 10W-30 or 10W-40 will be fine Filter.. AMSOIL EAOM-103, next, WIX 51358... I use K&N Nothing. EMAIL me for a price quote delivered to your doorstep. Oil, is the Lifeblood of your engine. The oil filter, is the Kidney that keeps it clean. The Best isn’t cheap Cheap isn’t The Best Bob I switched from the traditional Amsoil Motorcycle oil to the Dirt bike specific formula when it came out a few years back. The claims about improved clutch feel were not exaggerated. Considerably better clutch feel in my old YZ250F. Even though the oil is crystal clear, I'll be changing the oil and filter within the next 1,000 miles to Bob's Amsoil oil and filter. The only difference this time is that instead of 1oz/qt oil of Seafoam, I'll try Bob's Amsoil Engine/Motor Flush product, since I'm I'm so impressed with his primary product, synthetic oils. After test results were verified and both pore blockage and laser particle counts were found to be consistent with each other, the real world Amsoil EaO Oil Filter Test Results were posted on Bob Is The Oil Guy as follows:<br /><br />OEM oil filter PC vs. Amsoil EaO57 Oil filter PC<br />>4 Microns = 1,817 particles, 128 particles<br />>6 ...

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PQI has oil analysis from new samples of pretty much every synthetic out there as well. March 2013 - Test Results for AP Petroleum Quality Intitute of America There are a few new oil analysis that were done on the Toyota oil as well: TGMO 0w20 full analysis here | Virgin Oil Analysis - PCMO/HDEO | Bob Is The Oil Guy I bought an Amsoil bypass kit and am curious if I use an oem spin-on for the full-flow or I have to buy hte Amsoil full-flow... Thanks, Jesse Planning on running Amsoil SS ATF when I do a pan drop to change out the filter. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing what the magnets and inner pan ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S | Bob Is The Oil Guy. I think I'll refill once with WS while my vehicle is under warranty and then do go to fully...Become a Dealer - Rob The Oil Guy - AMSOIL in Bowmanville, ON START YOUR OWN BUSINESS An AMSOIL Dealership is the ideal startup opportunity for those who want to own their own business. AMSOIL provides training materials, administrative assistance, technical support and everything needed to build successful Dealerships. Feb 07, 2013 · I’m also considering Royal Purple as well, and may just stick with a Amsoil filter since I read on either bob is the oil guy or 5th Gen rams that the RP and Amsoil 15k filter were internally identical. Nov 21, 2009 · George Morrison; a few of his comments regarding Amsoil EaO Oil Filter: "The ISO cleanliness is reduced from 18/17/15 to 14/13/11 with the Amsoil EaO oil filter." Cited: Bob Is The Oil Guy(2/28/07) "This level of cleanliness *will* provide meaningful, long term wear reduction and attendant increase in component life" Cited: Bob Is The Oil Guy(2 ...