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Cascade s-parameters of probe1 with itself using cascadesparams function. Create an S-parameter object with cascaded S-parameters. The procedure shown here cannot replace traditional calibration. We include it as an example of using RF Toolbox™ and MATLAB™ to manipulate network...An automated probe station by Cascade Microtech A mechanical probe station is used to physically acquire signals from the internal nodes of a semiconductor device. The probe station utilizes manipulators which allow the precise positioning of thin needles on the surface of a semiconductor device. It is also possible to test with different gas concentrations. Probe cards with integrated read-out electronics or vacuum proof standard DC or RF probes can be used to contact the devices. To test under different temperatures, thermal chucks ranging from -60° C to 300° C can be used. The image to the right shows the test results of a MEMs ... See full list on semiconductor-technology.com Cascade Microtech offers more than 50 different analytical probe models for wafer, package, and board level characterization. We offer RF microwave probes in the Infinity and Air Coplanar Series, DCPs for DC test and PE5s for failure analysis. Our probes support a broad range of probing uses at frequencies up to 220 GHz. Easy Wafer Handling With Cascade RF Stations, wafer handling has never been easier. Standard Probe Stations Cascade's standard 6- and 8-inch manual and semiautomatic stations are modular in design to accommo-date the full range of Cascade's micro-wave tools.This station is designed for the ease of use, stability and precision that you expect from a Micromanipulator probe station. The Model 6200 station has both coarse and fine X-Y stage controls which allow the user to quickly move across the wafer but also precisely position the sample for exact probing. The fast pull-out stage with vacuum lock allows for fast and easy access to the chuck to load and unload samples. Cascade Probe Systems We offer a complete line of premium performance analytical probe stations for on-wafer probing and board test that help increase process performance while reducing cost of ownership. Manufacturer: Cascade Microtech Model: A device for measuring the transmission and reflection of wafer devices and circuits, printed circuits or other planar forms without connectors, in a frequency range between 300 kHz and 75 GHz. Cascade RF1 Microwave probe station. Manufacturer: Cascade. EquipX inc www.equipx.net Cascade Microtech RF-1 Microwave Probe Station 6"/150mm vacuum chuck Leica S6E trinocular stereozoom, 10x/23 eyepieces, 6.3-40x zoom, total magnification 6.3-40x, 36.5mm ... $12,500. FEATURES / BENEFITS Flexibility Ideal for FA, WLR, RF/mmW, sub-THz and MEMS applications Extensive accessories available, such as laser cutters and a wide range of equipment for RF test Compatible with probe cards and/or packaged parts Stability Fine-glide chuck stage on highly-stable granite base Ideal for sub-micron probing Active platen ... With up to 200mm wafer capabilities, DC or RF probes and optional thermal chuck, and a variety of shielding options, our probe stations can be used for the wide range of applications, such as failure analysis, reliability testing, IV/CV testing, low current testing and microwave and RF characterization to name a few. • Velox probe station software provide the ability to optimize the soak time after a temperature transition or when stepping across the wafer based on the temperature variance. • Realign option is much faster due to the fast focus scan, which minimizes the thermally induced drift during off-axis alignment of prober and pads. Multi-channel probe positioning system Hands-free oscilloscope probing for 2.5 mm probes Also use for PCB inspection and soldering station!Modell S300, Probe-Station—Cascade Microtech, Inc.—Beaverton, OR 97005 USA – einphasig 50/60Hz—115/230 VAC-4.0/2.0 A—ETL eingetragen – entspricht UL Standard 3101-1—zertifiziert nach CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1 Model 11000/12000 Probe Station—Cascade Microtech, Inc.—Beaverton, OR 97006 USA— FIG. 1 shows a generalized schematic of an existing probe station. A probe station 10 includes a chuck 12 that supports an electrical device 14 to be probed by a probe apparatus 16 supported by a platen 18 located above the chuck 12. The chuck is fixedly and/or rigidly interconnected with a tub enclosure 20. 1. Cascade probes use the 2.92 mm / K connector which is compatible with. SMA and 3.5 mm, however it is recommended to use a 2.92 mm cable if. possible. 2. ACQ probes use the corresponding connector and cable to match your. frequency requirements, e.g., ACP-Q-50-xx-xx uses a RF probe with a. 2.4 mm connector. Angled probe body style. Vertical ... Searching for Davis Instruments Temperature Probe w/ RJ Connector deals, bargains, sales on Bargain Bro

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Multi-channel probe positioning system Hands-free oscilloscope probing for 2.5 mm probes Also use for PCB inspection and soldering station!AF – Sample Probe 1. None 2. 3’ Long, 316 SST Probe (Max. temp. 1000° F) Standard 3. Other materials or lengths Consult factory AG – Probe Spool Piece 1. None required < 700°F Standard 2. 2” 150# RF Flange x 8” long painted carbon steel spool piece 3. 3” 150# RF Flange x 8” long painted carbon steel spool piece The RF ValProbe system is comprised of RF wireless loggers, a base station and software. The loggers provide high accuracy measurement of temperature, humidity, and any 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10 V output. RF ValProbe’s software enables support for 2-Channel and 5-Channel RF Temperature loggers for Validation. * The EPS150RF manual probing solution includes: MPS150 probe station with a 150 mm chuck stage, a tailored RF platen with positioner rails, contact height gauge, scope boom-stand, stereo zoom microscope with 150x magnification and LED ring-light (camera-ready C-mount), vibration-isolation Specific needs of DC, RF, microwave, and optical probing can be accommodated. All probes capable of operation over the full sample stage temperature, vacuum and magnetic field range of each probe station model; For magnetic field probe stations, configurations will be non-magnetic Our engineering probe stations and analytical probes are used in research and development to perform precise electrical measurements, or electrical metrology, on increasingly complex and high University Selects Cascade Microtech Summit 11000 Series Probe Station for RF Measurement.Manual Probe Stations are designed for precision analysis of wafers up to 150/200/300 mm. They are easy to use and may be configured to support a variety of applications. Manual Probe Station for On-Wafer Measurements up to 150mm Probe Station, 200mm Probe Station| 300mm Probe Station. The MPI TS200-SE probe system incorporates the ShieldEnvironment™ providing optimal EMI shielding which ... Probe Station: Cascade Summit 11000-series manual wafer prober Wafer Chuck: 6-inch/150mm RF/Microwave wave chuck (Ni) Wafer Chuck Travel: X-Y travel = 203mm x 203mm with 0.1 um resolution; Z travel = 5mm with 1 um resolution Apr 25, 2012 · Conclusion Wafer-level testing of RF MEMS significantly reduces fabrication cost and time to market Cryogenic Probe Systems covering the whole range of RF MEMS test requirements are available System design and measurement know-how of Cascade Microtech provides you with “environment independent” measurement accuracy, repeatability and ... Dan-el Technologies, Ltd. has a very large customer base which includes government institutions such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Communications, The Israeli Standards Institution, Bezeq, divisions of Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael, The Israeli Military Industries, Universities, Elbit, Tadiran, Motorola, Cellcom, Partner/Orange, Intel, and medium and small manufacturers of ...