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The NexStar 8SE is one of Celestron’s most popular scopes. A Schmidt-Cassegrain with an 8-inch aperture, it boasts a GoTo mount for automated locating and tracking of celestial objects. The whole package equates to quick alignment and excellent viewing. Oct 29, 2020 · Celestron goes a step further to ensure ultimate image stability with no mirror shift during focusing and tracking. They’ve done this with what they have coined as the Ultra-Stable Focus System. This incorporates a solid steel shaft and a brass six-ball linear bearing system. An incredibly smooth 10:1 Feather Touch micro focuser dons the rear ... About the ADM Accessories Celestron CGEM Upgrade - Long Counterweight Shaft... The ADM Accessories Celestron CGEM Upgrade - Long Counterweight Shaft is an extra long counterweight bar for CGEM. This new bar is CNC 303 Stainless steel. It is 22" long from end to end. Original safety stop threads directly into end. Ext For AS-GT Mount Screws into mount DEC arm counterweight threaded hole Comes with safety screw to stop counterweights falling from the shaft Celestron AS-GT Counterweight Shaft with Safety Screw — David Hinds Ltd QHY POLEMASTER adapter for AP900 AP-SM AstroTrac AVX AZEQ5 CEM25ZEQ25 CEM60 CGEM. ... Counter Weight Shaft For Celestron CG-2 & Orion EQ-1 Equatorial Telescope Mount. Celestron Counterweight, Extra 12 lbs (for Advanced VX Mount). Customers who bought this item The nylon tipped locking screw is really nice because it doesn't mar the counter weight shaft I needed a counterweight to get a Celestron 11 on a Cestron computerized equatorial mount in a hurry.If your budget is $2000, I'd go for the Celestron C8 with the AVX mount. list price is $1,600. This will be a MUCH better scope/mount. Further, the AVX is not a one-trick pony. The NexStar mount is essentially made for the scope, and putting anything else on it becomes problematic (not impossible, but really not recommended). Use the Celestron 11 lb Counterweight by itself or with other weights to balance your OTA and accessories on Celestron CG-5, CGEM, CG-4 mounts; or any similar mount A large thumbscrew allows you to lock the weight anywhere along the counterweight shaft to allow for precise balance.More information from Celestron American technology reflected in design and world-leading quality in astronomical, microscopic and optical services. Innovation and the advancement of technology is the main factor that makes CELESTRON a unique opportunity to approach Science in a diverse way. For AS-GT Mount Screws into mount DEC arm counterweight threaded hole Comes with safety screw to stop counterweights falling from the shaft Celestron AS-GT Counterweight Shaft with Safety Screw — David Hinds Ltd The Ritchey-Chrétien design is probably most famous for being the same optical design that's in the Hubble Telescope. This is probably the largest scope I can feasibly put on my mount for weight reasons. The Celestron AVX has a 30lb max payload capacity, and the AT6RC is the same as the GSO variant, and is around 13lbs with no other gear. So ... All items are in excellent condition. SOLD - 12V Power Tank SOLD - Dew Shield for 6 & 8” Tube ($30) SOLD - 8” Eclipse Smart Solar Filter 2X 12 lb Counterweight for 19mm Shaft ($40 each) SOLD - SkyPortal WiFi Module SOLD - CG-5 / AVX / CGEM Polar Finderscope SOLD - Piggyback Camera Mount for SCT and NexStar 5, 6 & 8 ($40) 5 Amp AC Adapter ($70) SOLD - SkySync GPS Celestron 12V Power Tank ... The Advanced VX (AVX) sets a standard in mid-level telescopes, providing many of the features found on Celestron’s most sophisticated German equatorial mounts at an extremely affordable price. The Advanced VX 8” Schmidt Cassegrain telescope is ideal for imagers and visual observers looking for a telescope that is much more portable than the ... Celestron 11" RASA - Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph. 11-inch f/2.2 optical design with rare-earth glass for images free... Buy iOptron iPolar External Electronic Polar Scope for Celestron AVX/CG-5 Mounts featuring Works in Poor Sky Visibility Conditions, Mounts Externally to the Mount, No Visible Pole Stars Required, Works Anywhere on Earth, Use with Windows PCs, USB Plug-and-Play, No Driver Required, 24" USB Cable, Easily Move Between Multiple Mounts, Additional Mount Adapters Available. Review iOptron null Celestron Advanced VX mount with the classic C8 optical tube is a great combination for visual use. In 2013, Celestron announced the release of a new mount to replace the venerable CG-5. This mount, the Advanced VX, or AVX, was billed as a full redesign and was meant to address some of the...On the Celestron website, in the description for the AVX mount 11 pound counterweight, I see the AVX counterweight shaft described as being 20 mm. If that is an exact measurement, then it would be just ever so slightly larger in diameter than my CG-4 mount counterweight shaft.

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Use this longer counterweight shaft to extend the weights on your Celestron CGEM mount for heavier payloads. The shaft is 19" long (plus threads), making it 6" longer than the standard shaft. Machined from stainless steel with finely grooved sur ..The Celestron 11 lb Counterweight for CGEM Mount is designed for CGEM Series Equatorial Computerized Telescope Mounts or CGEM EdgeHD Series Equatorial Computerized Telescope Mounts. A large, easy-to-turn lock knob makes securing the counterweight in place a simple matter, even with gloves on. OPT Product Number: CE-94203. specifications. May 15, 2017 · Test the looseness/tightness of the mount by swinging the counter-weight shaft back and forth. (As mine was really tight it took several attempts to twist it and in the end even when I didn't think I had done anything, there was a sufficient looseness that made me happy) 10. Now LOCK the RA lock knob. 1920 "telescope dovetail" 3D Models. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Click to find the best Results for telescope dovetail Models for your 3D Printer. Place the CG-4 mount on top of the tripod and, using the big plastic knob, tighten the threaded center shaft to hold it in place. Attach the counterweight. (I used only the seven pound weight to balance the scope and had previously marked its proper location on the shaft with a Sharpie.) So, I noticed I have this problem with the Celestron AVX mount's counter weight is hitting the front gear box when the counter weight hits the gear box the...