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bollard Light bollards are cast with an electrical conduit for insertion (by others) of lighting products. PVC pipe can be cast-in to allow a decorative chain to pass through from one bollard to the next. Bollards can be round, square, multi-faceted, even spherical. All our bollards are finished in a highly visible, safety yellow powdercoat, but are available in other finishes. Our 90mm diameter bollards are ideal for car parks, fire exits, ram-raid and light industrial applications; Our 140mm diameter bollards are suited to loading docks, freight yards, bus depots and applications where heavy vehicles are ... No matter if you are protecting people or equipment a bollard is one tough customer. Made from 6″ Schedule 40 pipe this 42″ high barrier is built to stop runaway traffic before it makes trouble. It is attached to the floor by a 10″ x 10″ x 5/8″ steel base plate. Simply bolt into position – no concrete work required. 6″ I. D. sch ... Since decorative bollards are attractive fixtures, they add to both the daytime and nighttime beauty of the landscape. VOLT® Decorative Bollards are most commonly installed in turf or garden areas.Concrete bollards play a vital role in any streetscape, creating effective zoning, offering extra protection and even providing additional lighting. Whether sleek posts or sculptural spheres, there's a...After marking your installation points, use an auger to drill holes where you want to implement bollards and barriers. The hole itself will be significantly wider than the bollard or ground sleeve itself, as you need to leave room for installing a rebar reinforcement and filling the area around the bollard or ground sleeve with concrete. Bollards protect key elements of your buildings from damage, but impact from lift trucks can damage bollards and your slabs and pavements. The PNA Bollard Base protects your investment by allowing the bollard to fail 3-4 inches above the weld while leaving the Bollard Base intact. LED Lighted Bollard ,,Red'' Each concrete light is constructed using Waterproof/Frost-resistant Micro LEDs, rated up to 50,000 hours, powered by a 4.5 volt D/C Power Suply (EU or UK) or Batery case.Concrete bollards are manufactured with welded anchoring tabs that allow you to accurately position and align the bollard in a concrete floor or pavement. The end caps are removable to allow for convenient concrete infilling. Pour in place bollards range in usable height from 24” to 48” and weigh between 44 and 88 pounds. Precast concrete light pole bases, round or square, can be made in any height in most sizes. Our light pole bases are made to order in a very short period of time, so we typically can meet any project schedule. single light source usually set in the base unit. The bollard is designed to detach from the base in the event of vehicle impact. In some cases, it can simply be manually reattached. However, where vehicle overrun has occurred, it might be necessary to replace the bollard, and possibly the base unit. As with all mains powered equipment, routine All Special & Custom-made sizes available upon request. CKC Bollard-1992 CKC Bollard-2578

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Bollard Covers. Decorative Plastic Covers; Dome Top Bollard Covers; Stainless Steel Covers; Bollards. Bolt Down Bollards; Collapsible Bollards; Concrete Bollards; Removable Bollards; Retractable Bollards; Slow Stop® Bollards; Slow Stop® Bollards - Horseshoe; Steel Bollards; Parking Protection. Alley Bumps; Easy Rider® Speed Bump; Park Sentry ... Durable precast concrete bollards in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, including exposed aggregate and light sandblast. Dawn Enterprises is also a leading manufacturer of stationary and...Concrete Bollards Concrete security barriers and bollards provide a minimally intrusive way to add extra safety to your perimeter and provide effective pedestrian and vehicle demarcation for a wide range of landscapes. The placement of architectural bollards enhances the visual appeal and usability of property, public spaces and parking areas. Bollard is a collection of concrete spheres that organise and delimit public space. One to light up the paving and another to light up a façade or the leaves of a tree.Bollard luminaires. Buildings and their surroundings require a range of lighting solutions for the Luminaire ranges with different but predominantly wide-beam, asymmetrical light distributions can be...First Light Technologies and Krinner Ground Screws have unveiled the most intelligent lighting system of the future. Krinner Ground Screws are the clever alternative to concrete footings we have been waiting for. Poles can be securely anchored in earth within minutes, with no digging and no concrete required.