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If no results yet then the next step is a factory reset of the LOCOMOTIVE. Take all the other locos off the track. Set CV8 to 8. This will get it back to the factory address 3 . after you verify it will run on 3, then use OPS mode programming to change the address from 3 to what you want. We ship the LokSound Select Micro with the 8-pin NEM 652 connector. This allows flexible installation in DCC-ready models. Due to its unique thermal design, it does (like all genuine LokSound decoders) not need any heat sinks. For LokSound Select decoders, we offer a comprehensive range of new high-power speakers, rated 4 Ohms. Operational modes Hi Welcome to the forum For testing decoders i have an ESU decoder tester This link gives you information about them the only type of decoder it wont test is the board type easy to use two wires to your DCC bus i have a two pin plug on the front of the layout to plug one of these in so i can test at anytime. LokSound Select decoders are offered with all established plugs, either with the 8-pin NEM 652 connector, the 6-pin NEM651 connector and the 21MTC interface. We are proud to present to you the brand-new LokSound Select decoder. The LokSound Select decoder was designed with all our past experience, while considering many suggestions of ESU users. Can someone tell me why 3/4ths the time I use this to start my switch hack up it does not responding? If I can get help on fixing this or a reason why...At a minimum a decoder tester job is to allow you to pretest a decoder to see if it working correctly BEFORE you install it into a locomotive. It can also be used to test an UNKNOWN decoder to see what works and what does not. Most testers will also allow the given decoder to be pre-programmed and verified. Decoder testers vary in many ways. I just installed iCUE but when I tried to open it, it stopped responding. About 20 minutes have passed and it's still like that. I've reinstalled the program but it's still not responding. Is there a way to install the previous CUE?MRC #0001916 HO 16-BIT Decoder - Atlas Genset w/ Ditch Lights Dual Mode. ... ESU ALL. Lok Programmer Set: Lokprogrammer, Power Supply, Serial Cable, USB Adapter, DC ROM. Not Responding. 7 REPLIES 7. SOLVED. Not Responding. I am running AutoCAD LT 2013 on my MAC and have been running it without issue for about a year. This week all of a suddun I am unable to open most of the projects I have been working on.Instruction Manual 5. Edition, March 2019 P/N 51989 From Decoder Firmware 5.0.60. LokSound 5 LokSound 5 micro LokSound 5 L LokSound 5 XL LokSound 5 ESU Loksound V5.0 Decoder available in 6pin, 8pin, 21pin and Plux 22 configuration. Decoder can be loaded with sound files from Legoman Biffo and South West Digital. Please see the description for all sound file options. Please state the required sound file in the product customisation tab. the flxible bus is not included for sale at this time/early 2021! ALSO SEE THE METRO TRANSIT BUSES IN THE CURRENT PAINT SCHEMES FROM ICONIC REPLICAS but exclusive to carrerdesignsmMN.COM. The New Look Bus was the face of North American public transit in the latter half of the 20th century, with almost 45,000 built between 1959 and 1986.

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Everything has been running smoothly and I was finalizing my testing when tonight Phoenix shutdown at some point and now when I start it all the cards report 0.000 MH/s and then after a minute or so show GPU1 not responding. (all the GPUs). Then Thread(s) not responding. Restarting. Any ideas?Getting the below error when testing authentication. Authentication Server not responding: No error I've verified the ACL's and it works on my other ASA. I can ping the servers all day long. thx.GWR/BR 42xx 52xx 72xx sound decoder and speaker (8) £ 117.50 £ 109.99 Add to basket; Sale! Class 121 DMU sound decoder and speaker (8) £ 117.50 £ 109.99 Add to basket; Sale! DMU sound decoder and speaker – short working version (8) £ 117.50 £ 109.99 Add to basket; Sale! Brush prototype FALCON sound decoder and speaker (8) £ 117.50 £ ... May 03, 2017 · I'd like to say about I have same problem in 2 locos about not running. Both of them using ESU's decoder. So I download the ESU decoder manual because I didn't see more CV detail from ScaleTrains manual. So I'm wrong for assuming that the CV3 must "16" . Scaletrains' support guy confirm me that the value must be "40" Feb 03, 2007 · ESU LokSound decoder in a German loco. HO dcc Roco BR03.10 mit Touropa Ferienzug, ESU sound, und ein bischen Seuthe Rauch - Duration: 5:41. BB1960 21,744 views The VR1.5 will take power from the positive 12v (blue wire) and the negative (black w/ white stripe wire) from your decoder and output a steady, highly accurate 1.5 volts on the tan wire. This is ideal for working with 1.5v bulbs in situations where resistors are unwanted or unusable. Nov 07, 2020 · Who doesn’t know the problem: if you work on locos and decoders (e.g. run wires from loco to tender), you need thin, extremely flexible cables. These are not always easy to get. Responding to many requests from our customers, as of now we offer you super thin cables (AWG 36) with an outside diameter of only 0.5 mm (0.02 inch), in all common ... I'm not sure about the QSI programmer but I know that with a ESu Lok Sound programmer you can change which sounds are linked to which function. "dazzacar" QSI are working on several areas of their decoders at the moment, & there is a cut & Paste feature now available.