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Tachometer Output Driver: Yes, Works With Most Tachometers (5V) Transmission Control: No (Available With Different Model - 70012 & 70014) Compatible With Superchargers, Turbo, Nitrous: No (Available With Different Model - 7013 750HP w/o Trans. Control or 70014 750HP w/Trans. Control) ...red jumper would be cut and the longer wire of the jumpered cut would be spliced onto the yellow wire of the Fitech ( wire to the ground terminal of the fan relay). a two wire distributor this won't apply to all)...per their instructions, the blue wire from the FiTech and the gray wire from the MSD box both join the tach feed wire.FiTech® is the leading manufacturer of technologically-advanced yet affordable electric fuel ignition systems for automotive applications. FiTech started with just a couple of EFI systems a few years ago, and now the company offers a wide range of fuel injection systems and components, such as electric fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel delivery kits, etc. FiTech products are compatible with most ... Jun 22, 2018 · The Digital 6AL uses the red LED to help indicate when an adequate amount of time has passed to release the Gray tach wire. The LED will turn on after the wire has been grounded for five seconds and will turn off at the 10 second mark. To deactivate the feature again, repeat the same process. May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ. FiTech Reinvents EFI. We install & dyno test it on our 1968 Plymouth Valiant for 24 more hp. When FiTech showed their complete fuel-injection lineup at SEMA (along with a clever fuel-sump system for...Handheld tachometers usually display the revolutions per minute (RPM) on. Specials or. This tach is set up as a wireless device but comes equipped with a plug in wired antenna for those occasions where a stable rpm reading is hard to get. Buy Tach / Hour Meter - Inductive 2 Or 4 Stroke Tach / Hour Meter Hm13 Black online today from All Mower ... Home Decorating Style 2020 for Lowrance Hds 5 Wiring Diagram, you can see Lowrance Hds 5 Wiring Diagram and more pictures for Home Interior Designing 2020 176748 at Manuals Library. Trigger Tach Signal: The FiTech EFI requires an rpm/trigger reference to operate. FiTech Go EFI Throttle Body Connect Black Wire to Negative (-) post on Coil To utilize FiTech Timing Control, the...Anyway, back to the FiTech. I was attempting to use the built in timing control at first startup but wound up getting all kinds of noise feeding back on the ignition (white) wire from the Digital 6 plus so I had to bypass the timing control for the time being. Fitech Electronic Fuel Injection Setup Notes for Air-Cooled VW Dune Buggies, Beetles, Buses and Sand Rails. Interested in converting to a FiTech EFI system set up specially for air-cooled VWs?- Custom wire harness (uses factory coil pack sub harness) - Knock sensor control. Forget sourcing mismatched parts and cutting and splicing old harnesses and re-flashed ECU’s from “Craigs List” tuners. FiTech’s Ultimate EFI is a complete Kit. Suitable for that junkyard 5.3 to a stroker 427, we have you covered! Mar 10, 2015 · I keep losing tach signal to my Holley Terminator. I had the Holley Terminator running and it had settled into a nice idle. It was up to the operating coolant temp of 160 degrees, then it just died/quit. It did not sputter of hesitate it just died. When I tried to restart it, I was not getting a tach signal ("STL" on the handheld while cranking).

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When it comes to the wiring, again, easy is the operative word. All you need to do is connect four wires to your vehicle. Just connect the proper wires to the battery positive and ground, tach signal, and a switched 12-volt source. The 12-volt source wire is the one that seems to get people into trouble. Just pin out your factory tach wire and speedometer wire. Troubleshooting: Plugged in IAC motor. Moved FiTech unit's ignition wire to the distributors tach wire instead of coil it. •On some aftermarket ignition systems, connect to the TACH output terminal. •On computer controlled ignition systems consult a service manual for the wire color and location. •With a magneto system, connect to the kill wire for the tach signal. Do not connect the TACH terminal to the secondary, or high voltage, side of the ignition coil. Nov 30, 2017 · Dakota Digital has been in the business of making advanced electrical products for the Automotive Aftermarket for a long time. Their products include gauges, lighting, cruise control systems, gear indicators, linear actuators, climate control interfaces and other automotive accessories. We’ve posted details before on how to wire their cruise control systems and their automatic door […] In this video I go over the fuel system and wiring portion of my Fitech fuel injection install.FiTech Fuel System and Wiring what kind of tach are you using?? i believe it is the blue one. but i installed an autometer sport tach in my crx. i used the blue wire in the connector behind the instrument cluster.