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Gm 4l80e gear ratios

GM 4L80 and 4L85E. Introduced in 1991, the GM 4L80E and 4L85E are an extension of the TH400 first introduced in the mid 1960s. They are of course a 4 speed overdrive transmission that made their way into several light duty trucks. 4L80 and 4L80E and 4L85E Gear Ratios 1st = 2.48 2nd = 1.48 3rd = 1.00 4th = .75 Reverse = 2.08 GM did a nice job of making power with the stock LT1 IMO. Drives nice now, stays in gears longer and actually has a feel, rather then 123 In the thread title you mention 4L80E, and that is why I came in here, to find...4L60E 4L80E 4R70W 5 Speed 6-Speed 1965 1966 1969 1970 Autocross Automatic Barrett-Jackson Bowler Camaro chevelle Chevrolet Corvette DETROIT SPEED Ford GM Goodguys GOOLSBY CUSTOMS Magnum Manual MUSTANG Rad Rides by Troy RIDLER Ringbrothers ROADSTER SHOP SEMA Sema 2017 STAGE II T-56 T-56 Magnum T56 t56-magnum TKO TKO600 Transmission Transmissions ... The ratio of a combination of engine speed and throttle position and the speed of the transmission is used to determine what gear the transmission will use when driving. If there is a problem with any gear within the transmission, then the P0730 code will appear once this ratio is calculated from the sensor data in the transmission. 4l80e gear ratios: 1st=2.482 2nd=1.482 3rd=1.00 4th=.75 TCI 6speed 4l80e gear ratios: 1st=2.97 2nd=2.31 3rd=1.57 4th=1.18 5th=1.00 6th=.75 Welcome everyone to math class. Now who can tell me how they got 6 speeds out of a 4l80e? Correct! they split first and second gear. Now will this transmission have more gear on the top end as a 4l80e? Absolutely no way. 4L80Extraordinary! - GM's race-tested-tough, street/strip overdrive automatic from Performance Automatic is the latest in a respected pedigree. The 4L80E has gear ratios of 2.48:1 (First), 1.48:1 (Second), 1.00:1 (Third), 0.75:1 (Fourth), and 2.07:1 (Reverse). When the 4L80E was introduced...In late 2005, General Motors introduced the 6L80E six speed automatic transmission. Featuring clutch to clutch shifting, it eliminated the one-way clutches used in earlier transmissions. 6L80E 6-Speed Transmssion The 6L80E has a gear ratio spread of 4.03, 2.36, 1.53, 1.15, .85 and .67.Jun 26, 2014 · May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ. '92 Ford Mustang GT: 385" SBF, Dart SHP 8.2 block, TFS T/W 11R 205 heads, 232°-244° duration/.623" lift/114° LSA camshaft, 12:1 C/R, TFS R-Series FTI ported intake, BBK 80mm T/B, Dominator MPFI & DIS, 36-1 crank trigger/1x cam sync, 200A 3G alternator, Optima Red battery, A/C, 100HP progressive dry direct-port NOS, Spal dual 12" fans/3 ... 2WD / RWD 4L80 4L80E OEM Service Replacement Transmission Silverado / Sierra / Camaro / Corvette / C10 Shortbox / Longbox / Savana / Express Automatic Gearbox incl. Stock Specification Torque Converter 4L80E Automatic GM Transmission 4L60 4L60E 4L65 4L65E 4L70 4L70E 4L80 4L80E 6L80 6L80E 6L90 6L90E OEM General Motors Crate Engine Factory OEM GM ... The 4L80E transmission was produced in October 1963 by General motors for longitudinal engine configurations. Despite having similar parts and the same strength reputably known for the TH400, the 4L80E transmission takes it one step further to feature a lockup torque converter, overdrive gear...4L80E’s used in motorhome's and trucks have a .75 overdrive ratio very similar to Gear Vendorss .78 but the factory unit tends to unlock and lock (hunt). The Gear Vendorss will not hunt and will also reduce temperatures in the main transmission by as much as 100 degrees on warm days. Add some visual attitude to your rear axle with these chrome differential covers. They're stamped from heavy-gauge steel to ward off those pesky oil leaks, and chrome plated for long lasting good looks. GM 10-Bolt 8.5 Inch Rearend Differential Cover Fits: Full size and intermediate Chevy and GM cars 1971-1994 Axle types B, C, G, K and O. Cover only, no hardware or gasket included To find the ideal gear ratio for drag racing use your RPM at peak HP. Example: If your max HP is at 6300 RPM use 6300 for the RPM. Gearing for cruising To find the ideal gear ratio for cruising use your RPM at peak Torque. Example: If your max Torque is at 3300 RPM use 3300 for the RPM. Parts for 4L80E: compare prices for Overhaul Kits, Friction Kits, Bushings, Bearing, Solenoid Kits, Valve body, Torque converters, Planetary Gear kits, Filters, Gaskets, Seals, Pressure Plates, Differentials, Sensors, Valves. The 4-speed automatic transmission GM 4L80 was introduced 1990.The General Motors 4L60 (also known as the THM700R4) has been with us now for over two decades and, along with the completely 4L60E Overhaul-Manual. 2000-2002 GM vortec throttle by wire fuel injection 4.8L 5.3L & 6.0L wire harness installation instructions.

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GM 4L80-E transmission. This article does not cite any references or sources. The 4L80-E (and similar 4L85-E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. The 4L80 and 4L85 are built at Willow Run Transmission in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Gear ratios10L80 Transmission Overview. Efficiency and performance are the two main goals behind the GM 10L80 transmission. By combining a wide 7.39 overall gear ratio spread, with smaller steps between each gear, this GM 10-speed automatic transmission is able to keep the engine in its ideal power band during acceleration. Solve for your Transmission Ratio. Solve for your Transfer Case Ratio. Solve for your Crawl Ratio. If your tires are bigger than stock you probably, like myself, have spend a lot of time trying to WAG (wild ass guess) your actual MPH when going down the road. If you know your gear ratio and tire size you can get a fairly close idea here. Gear Ratios are: First Gear – 2.52:1; Second Gear – 1.52:1; Third Gear – 1.00:1; Reverse – 2.07:1 Mar 01, 2005 · View all photos of GM 4L80E Series Transmission Basics - The Smart Tranny at . ... This allows the input shaft to have a one-to-one ratio with the given gear. Photo 16/21 ... Dec 11, 2009 · If you had a 1:1 gear the torque at the prop shaft would be 368 foot/pounds at 2400 RPM. If instead there was a 2:1 gear (or drive), the prop shaft would turn at 1200 RPM and the torque on the shaft would be 919 foot/pounds. If you have a high ratio gear like a 2.0 it means the engine has to turn two times to every one turn of the prop shaft. Exc.ZR2 Higher Wider Package. 1995-00, 1/2 ton with 8.5 ring rear. 8.50 & 8.625 ring gear, without quadrasteer. 1/2, 3/4 & 1 ton, 1996 new style, 8.5 ring gear. $15.87 $9.60