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However, the story almost died aborning, since information about the receiver seemed to be sadly lacking. However, in due course an account emerged. A. J. Haynes is documented as the designer of the first regenerative kit set (the Haynes DX Circuit, 1922, the original so-called "three-circuit tuner"), and the first The circuit can use a series resonant Clapp type topology or parallel tank. The clapp version reduces the effect of parasitics and provides very stable tuning. It also works really well with varactor tuning as the voltage swing across the varactor is low.WASHINGTON, D.C., November 21, 2017 -- A quarterly data report from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine shows that companies active in gene and cellular therapies and other regenerative medicine sectors around the world raised more than $6.1 billion in the first three quarters of 2017, $1.8 billion in Q3 alone. Here is a really neat little "one" tube Regen receiver from my friend Dale AE0S, picture attached. It uses a 1625 tube, the only voltage required is 12 volts D.C. for both the filament and plate supply. It will tune from about 3 mhz. to 7.4 mhz, Dick, W0BVT AM Receiver: Bipolar Regenerative Receiver: Build your own Superheterodyne Receiver: 08/01/96 EDN-Design Ideas Build your own VLF Receiver: Car Radio tunes the Amateur Bands: Crystal Radio #2: RF Receivers & Receiver Circuits Crystal Radio Crystal Radio 3:Armstrong's receiver was compared to the American Marconi Type 101, a sophisticated crystals set, and probably one of the best receivers then in use. The IP-501 was the U.S. Navy's first receiver with the vacuum tube inside the cabinet. This regenerative design was the work of Alan Hazeltine. We'll use this as a standin for the 101. TDA7000 FM Receiver / TV Tuner TDA7000 is a great chip because it includes RF input stage, mixer, local oscillator, IF (intermediate frequency) Limiter, IF filter, amplifier, Phase demodulator, Mute detector, Frequency-Locked-Loop system and voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) all in a single chip, so you don't have to do so much tuning and ... Although the familiar regenerative circuit looks like the image on the right, Armstrong’s original designs were considerably different. His 1913 patent application had six different drawings, none of which had a plate circuit coil (tickler) inductively-coupled to the grid coil, and interestingly, none had a D.C. path to ground from the grid. A super-regenerative receiver uses controlled Q-quenching and may limit the resonant tank circuit amplitude by loading the tank circuit as soon as regenerative oscillation is detected. An amplitude... nine band shortwave regenerative receiver by williams. $13.50. pe feb. 95. aavso receiver by carr. $7.00. pe jan95. a simple 10mhz wwv receiver by mckean. $7.00. pe mar94. 9 band sw regen receiver. $13.50. qex sep/oct00. super regen vhf and uhf receiver. $9.00. qrpp summer97. mrx-40 receiver by steve bornstein. $4. 50. qrpp The receiver is designed and simulated in 130 nm CMOS process and the whole circuit's power consumption is 119µW for the input of −80dBm at the rate of 6 Mbps with Energy Per Bit of 19.8 pj/b. LNA... nine band shortwave regenerative receiver by williams. $13.50. pe feb. 95. aavso receiver by carr. $7.00. pe jan95. a simple 10mhz wwv receiver by mckean. $7.00. pe mar94. 9 band sw regen receiver. $13.50. qex sep/oct00. super regen vhf and uhf receiver. $9.00. qrpp summer97. mrx-40 receiver by steve bornstein. $4. 50. qrpp The 120k resistor provides regenerative feedback,between Q2 output and the tank circuit input and its value affects the overall performance of the whole circuit. Too much feedback and the circuit will become unstable producing a "howling sound". Insufficient feedback and the receiver becomes "deaf". A regenerative shortwave receiver. A shortwave version of a receiver based on an LM386 is shown in Figure 5. Using a 3-inch ferrite rod with a high L/C ratio, the circuit is capable of operating at frequencies exceeding 8 MHz when using a 9 V supply. Circuit Description. See notes regarding the 15uH chokes. The heart of the receiver is the right hand side triode. This is the super-regen detector. By means of the cathode choke, and the internal grid and cathode capacitances, this triode oscillates at whatever frequency the grid circuit is tuned to.

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Regenerative sets can cause interference to other local receivers when the set oscillates. Since the signal can't travel backwards through the tube the signal won't radiate from the antenna. The second stage is the regenerative detector. The coupling between the first and second stage is done by inductive coupling. 13-feb-2018 - 6 Transistor VHF Super Regenerative Receiver This regenerative detector receiver is based on Charles Kitchin's High Performance Regen Receiver. The circuit (see schematic) was modified to use a LM386 as the audio output. The cabinet/chassis is 1 inch pine. The front panel is aluminum. Circuit Description The regenerative RF section of the receiver is shown in figure 1a. Figure 1a: VLF-LF Receiver, Regenerative RF Section The single tuned circuit is made up of the paralleled sections of 3 gang tuning capacitor C8 and one of the switched inductors L3, L4, L5, or L6. Two Tube + IC Regenerative Receiver (Kit) Based on original 1930's designs, with a modern twist, using Varactor tuning, Plug-In Coils and a solid state 2 watt amplifier. If you ever wondered how those early radio and wireless receivers from the 1930's worked, then why not build your very own. The whole set runs off two 9 volt batteries, and one 1.5 volt battery, so is absolutely safe to build and use, no nasty high voltages, it is a great way to learn a new hobby!