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A smart alternator, also referred to as a variable voltage or ECU controlled charging system, runs at a lower voltage to a traditional alternator and then increases the voltage dramatically when the driver lifts off, this high voltage (around 17VDC) quickly charges the battery. Portable & Alternator Chargers Add an Alternator charger to your on-board unit for an extra boost and better battery life. Alternator chargers put every ounce of power to good use. While on the water, they take your alternator’s excess power and redistribute it to your trolling batteries. You get an extra boost, and better battery life. May 23, 2017 · I had the truck jumped started, but it was clear the battery either 1). wasn't being charged by the alternator, or 2). the battery was totally junk and would not accept a charge, or 3). wiring to/from the battery/alternator was loose etc, or 4). some combination of #1 and #2 and #3. Hi all. Can anybody help me. It’s had a new alternator and the battery is good. I can charge it and this morning on the way to work my alternator kicked in and started giving me 13.7v when I stopped it and started it again it won’t kick back in so running the battery down continuously. Can... International Rectifier (IR) recently introduced the local interconnect network (LIN)-controlled alternator-regulator for next-generation vehicles. IR’s solution optimizes performance in intelligent automotive charging systems for increased efficiency and improved fuel economy. Intelligent vehicular charging systems are used when dynamic control of the alternator output and torque is desired for optimal battery charging, electrical system power management and alternator-engine interaction. If loss is above 40%, you need to attempt to find the reason by changing the charger or replacing the battery. Typical entries for our calculator might be a 1000mAh rating and 50mA of charge current. That would yield a realistic charge time of 24 hours. Click on Calculate after entering either of the two values. Smart Alternator,Energy Solutions specialise in electrical power products and panel building for marine, vehicle and industrial applications ... Charge and Convert ... For fast and efficient charging, most conventional marine alternators do not manage the constant, high-load output required by lithium batteries and large AGM bank systems. To avoid high charge losses due to heat and hard use, a high-output alternator is recommended.Charge controllers are the gizmo that goes between the solar array and the batteries and are sized to the systems they protect by the short circuit array current and watts matched to the battery voltage. Most common are 12, 24 and 48 volts. The type of equipment you may need to correctly charge and maintain your auxiliary batteries depends on whether. your vehicle has this technology or not. Variable Voltage Alternators are also commonly known as ‘Smart Alternators’. or ‘Computer Controlled Alternators’. Intelligent regulation, like that provided by our Max Charge and ARS-4 regulators, matches the output of the alternator to the specific needs of your batteries (AGM, gel, Optima, deep-cycle flooded, etc.) so batteries charge faster based on the needs of their unique constructions, and we can most effectively utilize the added capabilities that our alternators provide. Jul 10, 2019 · When designing a system for charging an extra battery, one would certainly use a Voltage Sensitive Regulator which would protect the start battery and provide more than adequate charge for house batteries. " Smart alternators" is a mis noma as the alternator on modern vehicles is controlled by the ECU which in most cases can be disconnected from the alternator and will put out the normal charge of about 14.6 V. Oct 07, 2019 · Charging lithium batteries from an alternator, be that in a boat or vehicle, presents some challenges when compared to the straightforward nature of charging lead based batteries. The video in this blog highlights these lithium challenges and shows you what can happen when things go wrong – namely alternator overheating, smoke and an expensive alternator […] Welcome to your online source for high output alternators. We have thousands of hi output alternator upgrades available that may not be listed on our web site. We are adding these new products to our web site daily. Browse our catalog and please contact us directly if you can not find the high performance alternator for your application. The Max Charge is an advanced microprocessor based smart regulator designed for use with all PowerMax alternators. The Max Charge has seven user-selectable, multi-voltage and variable charge time programs to accommodate all battery types. Simple "out of the box" hookup with magnetic switch adjustments. Ablemail 12v 30amp Battery to Battery DC DC Smart Alternator Charger AMC12-12-30 | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Motorhome Parts & Accessories, Campervan & Motorhome Parts | eBay! I discovered that the ELD had to sense an electrical load before it would activate the alternator, which is a basic “smart” charging strategy. Now that the exterior lighting had been replaced, I turned on the headlamps and, miraculously, the alternator began charging a normal 14.2 volts.

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Alternator charging can increase the lifespan of your battery. Simply, for battery health you want to charge your battery to 100%. If you solar panels can’t keep up with your demand, the alternator can make up the slack. Depending on your usage, you might actually be able to skip solar panels altogether. In this scheme, the alternator has no voltage regulator so it continues to charge at a constant current until the voltage reaches the upper voltage limit (full charge) – this feature allows it to easily adapt to 24 or 48VDC systems. The charging system runs only on demand thus eliminating idle power consumption. Because the alternator’s charging rate is governed by the battery’s state-of-charge (SOC), it’s important that the battery condition is tested before the alternator is replaced. In general, most conventional alternator systems produce about 14.2 volts at the terminals on a fully-charged battery at 70° F ambient temperature. Hey Laurie, I can tell you that the FJ certainly does have a smart alternator - It only generates the voltage required according to load and will not charge a secondary battery to 100% unless you use a booster diode (I was running one for a while but stopped when it was blowing bulbs every few weeks!) Feb 21, 2011 · You are right to say your car has smart charging. This is a system built in to your engine management system the idea is for the alternator to only charge when needed . this saves the battery and...