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If you really want a strong 9mm Hi Power, have Cylinder and Slide convert a .40 S&W model to 9mm, now you have a Hi-Power that you can shoot +P through. Some of the Clones, including the FEG and FM, are not up to Belgian fit and finish both internally and externally. 380 Government Mustang, Pony, Sig, Kimber, and Springfield Clones. ... Browning Hi-Power - 9mm & .40/Tisas BR9. ... Blued Tisas Hi-Power Package 1. It's not hard Chrome plated like the FN Browning's, but rather a full Stainless Steel pistol. As you know Browning has discontinued the Hi-Power. So this Turkish clone by Tisas is the only one of it's kind in current production in Stainless Steel. (They also offer a model in black Cerakote for slightly less). NEW Regent BR9 (Browning Hi-Power clone) in 9mm for $495!!! We take in trades and accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards. Please check out our hours/location info, please click on... For Sale: Tisas Regent BR9-S - Browning Hi-Power HP 9mm Stainless Steel Clone - RARE The community has spoken! This listing been flagged as a scam. Classic Gun Review: Belgian Browning Hi-Power Mk I. Nothing got to the 1″ mark, but multiple brands hit the 1 1/2″ to 2″ mark. But this one is a particularly good one. If you accept what the gun was designed for, a double stack military sidearm shooting 115gr ball rounds, the Hi-Power is exceptional. With that round, it’s infinitely ... Aug 11, 2017 · So technically, a gun made by FN is a High Power and one made by Browning Arms Company is a Hi Power. Because most readers are used to the name Hi Power, that will be used here. In continuous production somewhere in the world since 1935, it has been adopted for use by military and police units around the globe. Tisas Regent BR9 9mm Black Cerakote Browning Hi-Power Clone. Our roundup of the best deals This Gun is identical to my Belgium made Browning Hi-Power in Quality, Look and Feel. The machining is very precise, no ruff edges or tool markings and The coating is well done. Mar 28, 2019 · Tisas Regent BR9 Browning Hi Power Clone 9mm. Green Beret's Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations - Duration: 18:54. The Gray Bearded Green Beret 2,938,507 views TISAS BR9 9mm 4.6" barrel stainless steel, walnut grip panels. High quality Browning Hi-Power clone, with factory box and docs. One used factory 13 round MecGar magazine included. DESCRIPTION You are bidding on a stainless steel Hi-Power (clone) made by TISAS. Model Regent BR9 SS.

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This is a Factory Orignal John Inglis 13-round “RA ” stamped magazine for Browning Hi-Power pistols chamberd in 9mm. Crafted from durable Suncorite enamel coated steel, steel springs and the very rare alloy cartridge follower. These surplus magazines were manufactured to British army specifications and are in excellent new condition (100% ... Post pictures, discussion, questions, and general chat about John Browning's last great design, perfected by Dieudonné Saive. Clones, knock-offs, and others are welcome too! 875 NEW Regent BR9 (Browning Hi-Power clone) in 9mm for $495!!! We take in trades and accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards. Please check out our hours/location info, please click on... Jul 20, 2018 · A buddy and I are Hi Power fans. He bought a Turkish, I bought a MK3. Brownells drop in barrel? WILL NOT work in his Turkish clone without a lot of fitting. Drops in my MK3. Also, he has fitted C&S safeties to 3 previous Hi Powers. The Turkish clone took twice as long as legit Browning guns. I don’t think the Turks are there yet. Browning Hi-Power Grips 9mm/40 Cal. CHARTER ARMS GRIPS. COLT REVOLVER GRIPS. Colt Python Grips. Colt Frontier / Colt Scout Grips. COLT PISTOL GRIPS. Colt 380 ... Dec 31, 2019 · Tisas "Hi Power" Post by gnappi » 31 Dec 2019, 11:02. Recently I found out that a Turkish company "Tisas" was making a faithful copy of the Browning Hi Power. Deactivated Browning Hi Power clone by Hungarian firm FEG (who also made the German Luger Hi Power clones under contract). These are carbon copies of the FN Browning Hi Power apart from the slotted sight rail (which is rather cool in itself). "Browning Hi Power" For Sale. ... MEC-GAR MGBRHP10N Browning 9mm Luger Hi Power 10rd Nickel Detac $ 19.20. Free FedEx Option* (0) Magazine for Browning .40 S&W 10 ...